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Artistic Toy earns 10% annual net profit by carefully selecting Distributor Companies (DC), controlling costs, and investing in the products and services that help Distributor Sales People (DSP) source, design, fulfill, and develop plush toys for Character Marketing™ campaigns.

Our philosophy is based on Character and Purpose.  Our success is driven by a team of professionals that listen to DSP needs and understand the importance of good communication.  It only takes one good relationship or one bad experience to change the course of future success.  We are on purpose about helping DSP’s understand the opportunities that exist within Character Marketing™.  The marketing education, domestic design sampling service, and presentation support provided distinguish our brand.  Our sales professionals have the ability to distinguish good opportunities for our products.  When we qualify a client target with a DSP we invest the time to research the client’s business and deliver a first class presentation because our aim is selling campaigns over $50,000.

Our factory relationships are focused on quality, safety, and on-time delivery.  Each factory passes 2rd party technical audit and government social compliance audits to validate the achievement of our standards.  Every detail of the toy is considered before the first stitch is made.  Character Marketing ™ is more than plush toy manufacturing.  It is the establishment of brand that is dependent on quality.  Quality is measured on the results of the finished product.  A quality finished product comes out of the box ready to go to work.  Character plush toys make an emotional connection between professional organizations and their customers.  Strict adherence to imprint quality, logo placement, toy posture and smile are the key ingredients to Character Manufacturing ™.

Our strong family values and our employees’ high energy create a positive work environment.  Team members have a desire to improve themselves and others around them.   Everyone understands how their work brings value to the organization.  Management is focused on providing honest and consistent performance feedback.  Employees are motivated by individual and team results based pay system that allows them to share in the Company’s overall success.

Every area of the Company has set of documented systems.  These documented procedures help facilitate training and reliable delivery on all our products and services.  Our team members are cross trained and are empowered to make decisions because they understand the core principles from which we operate. 

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